Top Six Easy Ways To Protect Your WordPress Site

Top Six Easy Ways To Protect Your WordPress Site

Written By :Mohammad Arif On February 8, 2017

Again My Website Hacked!

I am Really Surprised!
People make websites but don’t care about website security!
According to the internet live stats, over 60,000 websites are hacked every day.
That is why it is so important to take some time and at the very least put minimum security on your website!
I have no interest to talk about Web Security/ Security Statics but I want to share my few steps with you on how I protect my website from Malware and unwanted spammers.
One thing I need to clear up here is that we are living in an open secret world, so nothing can be protected perfectly, but we can protect our sites with minimum beginner security.

Enough nonsense lets talk 😛

Now, I am going to discuss how I secure my website.  Today, I will share with you Six Easy Ways To Protect WordPress Site .
I will divide the whole Process into 6 Steps.

Protect Your WordPress Site-1

1. Always Update::: Yes. I am ready to update my whole website including plugins and theme. Don’t use any Backdated plugins or theme, or even WordPress main software.


2. Secure WordPress Hosting :: Plz use secured web hosting. There is also the web server-level security for which your WordPress host is responsible.
I personally Use ‘Siteground‘ web hosting for my business website. Siteground design and build their servers to run WordPress like a dream. Their exclusive technology gives you the proven performance, reliability, and functionality you need. It is very important that you choose a host that you can trust for your business.


Protect Your WordPress Site-3

3. Check full website with a plugin :: ‘Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall‘ is a great plugin to check website malware and junk code. This plugin works very well.It will take a little bit of time to check your website. After completing its scan of your website it will show your website final situation. If the plugin shows any junk code or unwanted code, you have to fix or remove it.
This is an amazing plugin.


4. Hide My WP ::: I use ‘Hide My WP’ plugin on every website . If you use this plugin it will hide your theme info it will also be hard to find your login page info. Almost 30,000/ websites use this plugin.


Protect Your WordPress Site-6

5. Wordfence ::: ‘Wordfence‘ is another great plugin to protect your site’s vulnerability . If you have a budget then you have to check the premium version. Otherwise, the Wordfence free version works very well. If you want to block an exact country/people or spammer then you need to buy the premium version.Also, you can define user blocking criteria using the settings page.


Protect Your WordPress Site-5

6. BackUpWordPress :: Yes. We need a Back-Up plugin for our website. Everywhere you need backup support. You need to backup your website on a regular basis. If somehow a hacker breaks our website security then it would be helpful for us if you have a website backup.

I hope, You complete this 6 step Process.
Now I hope that you learn how To Protect WordPress Site with Six Easy Ways ? 🙂

If you think that you need any support or a helping hand, feel free to knock me.  I will check your website and protect it.

Need Helping Hand On My Project

Also, one more thing I do for my website – update my password weekly. 😛

If I miss any point or any confusion “word” in my post , Let me know in the comments section below!

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    11 responses to “Top Six Easy Ways To Protect Your WordPress Site”

    1. Great post….
      1 question i have,
      What further steps you take after updating your wordpress version because I have noticed that it can create compatibility issues with some plugins?

      • Thanks For First Comment !
        Yes . It’s an important thing. More times, I face the same problem .
        So my suggestion is that After doing update your WordPress site which plugin are not working perfectly .
        Just noticed !
        Try to fix ! Otherwise find out an alternative plugin which supports WordPress latest version .
        Thanks. 🙂

    2. Hello, thank you for the excellent post.
      I had huge problems with attacks on my blog, my post this week, and the video is about security in WordPress. Next week’s post is about the plugins you mention here. We have common problems.
      But, the online information is a huge support for beginners in WordPress.
      That’s why I created my Youtube channel. WordPress for beginners.

      • Now-a-days, I Prefer Siteground Hosting .
        5 reason why I love Siteground WordPress Hosting

        1. Speed & Performance
        2. Feature Set & Integrations
        3. Customer Support [ Amazing ! 🙂 ]
        4. Transparency* & Community
        5. Global Oriented

        Also, You can contact Siteground live support before you opt your WordPress Hosting .


    3. I think nowadays every website need SSL and just noticed you dont have one.

      I do free SSL certification installation service for a good price.

      Let me know should you interested. 🙂

    4. I must confess that this is not the first time I’ve read this post on your
      site, but I do feel that I should finally leave a comment and thank you for writing
      it as obviously I kee coming back here to learn what you have too say.

      I even shared it on Facebook this time around.

      Thanks again!

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